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There are always a few surprises mixed in with a wedding, but never before had we planned an ACTUAL surprise wedding!

Alyssa and Jasmine were the perfect mix of adventurous and fun to make it happen. They sent invitations to Alyssa’s Birthday Party that matched the décor of the wedding- a mix of golds and rose golds.  Their wedding parties had already been fitted for what they thought was a future wedding a few months to come. The seamstress was in on the secret and had the attire ready in time for the “birthday party”.  Being close friends, the wedding party was all invited to come get ready for Alyssa’s “birthday” the morning of the party in their hotel suite. 

Everyone arrived, did hair and makeup and then Alyssa and Jasmine disappeared for a few minutes. They came back dressed in their wedding gowns, and said “Surprise!” Their parents were also asked to come early so they could take photos and have a few minutes to celebrate before the ceremony.  Needless to say, everyone was shocked but quickly became ready to party!

The hotel and all vendors had to be in on the party so as not to give away the secret to guests. The event began with a cocktail reception in the ballroom foyer. After an hour, guests were invited upstairs where they exited the elevator and handed a wedding program explaining the surprise.  They walked through a breathtaking ombre pink floral tunnel that Mark’s Garden created, you couldn’t help but feel overjoyed when standing underneath those hanging flowers and served as the perfect transition from cocktail hour to wedding ceremony.

A white carpet led the guests to the ceremony, with the gazebo in the center so their guests surrounded them on all sides.  An oversized mirror reading “Pick a seat, not a side, either way it’s for a bride” invited guests to take any place they’d like, but most wanted to get as close as possible to the 4’ tall long stemmed white roses that served as a focal point behind the gazebo.

A cellist and pianist played instrumental pop love songs as the wedding party walked down the aisle.  The flower girl and ring bearer were the couple’s 2 year old twins- Kahlea and Zion.  Alyssa and Jasmine entered at the same time from two different entrances, to the song “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor and John Legend.

After a stunning ceremony, guests, were invited up to the rooftop where they were greeted with long rose gold tables and a sea of white and pink flowers. With the view overlooking all of Los Angeles and the lights of the city surrounding them, Alyssa and Jasmine were invited to do their first dance to “Is This Love”, sang by guest artist Kiana Brown, a favorite of the brides. The brides’ kids joined them on the dancefloor, a magical moment captured by the event painter who was capturing the entire scene.

Guests dined and danced for hours, and just when they thought it was over, they were invited to the after party in the newly opened Penthouse Suite of the hotel.  DJ Angie V was spinning as guests danced the night away and ate from the Taco Station that opened on the existing deck in the two story suite.

At midnight, Alyssa continued the surprises by presenting her brother with a hilarious birthday cake to celebrate his 21st birthday. 

As guests trickled out after a night of an epic surprise and amazing celebration, they were given bouquets of flowers to take home- all of which had been taken from the ceremony gazebo and converted into gifts for the guests.  It was the perfect touch to a perfect day for the perfect couple.

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